Clotrimazole powder 1%

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Active ingredients:

each 100 gr contain 1 gr of clotrimazole


Plastic bottle of 100 gr.


Clotrimazole have a large antifungal spectrum, it is used in various cases:

  • tricophyton, epiderophyton.
  • Candidas ( especially Candida albicans )
  • Pityriasis.
  • Some kinds of yeasts.
  • Tinea capitis, tinea pedis

Clotrimazole powder is indicated in must cases of fungal infection accompanied with:

  • diaper rash
  • pectineal itching
  •  infra-axillary itching.
  • Inframammary itching.
  • athlete's foot

Directions of use:

Sprinkle a thin layer of powder over affected area twice-a-day Or as directed by a doctor.


Possibility of sensitivity, if it happen must stop use.   


Store away at heat.